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Mayangna Territories Under Threat

The mayangna village in Nicaragua has been the guardian of the forest resources in the nine territories where it settles, being 75 the communities that inhabit the territory. Despite this, the advance of a group of colons threatens to destroy the forest and the means of life of the mayangna village, highlighting the importance of the need that the Nicaraguan government moves forward with the implementation of the rights of the indigenous villages through territorial sanitation. 

Year: 2014
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The land belongs to us. Land titling in the Honduran Mosquitia

The misquito village, organised in MASTA, advances in the demand to the Honduran government for the qualification of its lands, which is the main assurance for the conservation of its natural resources. 

Year: 2014
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Our Forests. Community Forestry in Gualaco and Guata, Honduras

The communities of Gualaca and Guata, in the department of Olancho, members of the Federación de Productores Agroforestales de Honduras (Federation of Agroforestal Producers of Honduras), have achieved the transformation of a scenario of deconstruction of the natural resources by industrial concessions and furtive extractors, who were extinguishing their means of life, into a successful model of community management of the forests. 

Year: 2014
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A forest for life

The video illustrates the progress and achievements of indigenous forest management through interviews with community leaders. Despite this progress, however, these Indigenous Peoples face a series of challenges in consolidating the sustainable management of their resources, including external pressures that threaten their territories, as well as regulatory and logistical obstacles. The experience demonstrates the capacity and potential for Indigenous Peoples as central actors in sustainable forest management and development based on their own cosmovision.

Year: 2013
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Bajo Aguán: Grito por la tierra (English version)

Bajo Aguán lives plunged in a conflict provoked by the lack of peasantry access to the land and the expansion of the African palm plantation in hands of landowners. After the putsch in 2009 conflict has intensified, and the repression on the farmers has extended with total impunity. 


This version is also available with subtitles in English, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese, which can be seen here.

Year: 2012
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